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Being a motorhome owner gives you the freedom to drop everything and explore places without having to restrict your movements.

You can set off… when you want. Travel to… where you want. And stay for… as long as you want. Your travel movements are unrestricted: this freedom and flexibility are two of its many appealing factors.


The motorhome industry has seen a surge in popularity over the past two years as more and more Britons have taken long stay holidays in the UK in consequence to the economic downturn, unfavourable currency exchange rates in Europe and travel delays encountered at airports.

Motorhome convertors today offer owners all the comforts of home, including central heating, air conditioning, HDTV, DVD and sound entertainment, internet links, awning extensions, showers, fully fitted kitchens (with fridge/freezers), and towbars and trailers to transport a small car behind a larger coach built model.

The motorhome offers a wonderful mode of travel and comfort for people wanting to explore further afield. Retired and semi-retired people have been attracted to the motorhome lifestyle and all its creature comforts: it’s a far simpler proposal than buying a tow caravan.

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