“Our Famous Five”

Our Famous Five motorhome brands

When it comes to motorhome manufacturers there are plenty on the market to choose from, with dealers in the UK stocking a good number of these. When it comes to choosing what manufacturer to sell we have had 50+ years to get it right and now we are in 2018 we feel “Our Famous Five” are some of the best motorhomes in Europe with outstanding layouts, quality and customer service care.

We have been Stocking Auto-Trail Motorhomes for 40 years and find that their massive selection of layouts and ranges make them a big leader in the leisure vehicle industry. With five different ranges to choose from, Auto-Trail cater for almost everyone’s budget who are looking for a new motorhome! View our new Auto-Trail motorhomes >

When it comes to Auto-Sleeper motorhomes we have been a main dealer for over 50+ and we still have never been disappointed with their remarkable quality and finish. If you are looking for a vehicle under 6m or even a vehicle over 8m Auto-Sleeper have you covered, building their motorhomes on either Fiat, Peugeot or Mercedes. View our new Auto-Sleeper motorhomes >

Elddis have been making motorhomes and caravans for over 50 years for a very good price! They have a full range from Autoquest, Accordo and Encore. All are built on the ‘solid construction’ too! View our new Elddis motorhomes >

We joined forces with Chausson back in 2016 and what an amazing product it is! Chausson are owned by the renowned Trigano Group who are a big company within the leisure industry and have really made sure Chausson stands out in the crowd. Nearly all models are available with electric drop down beds which save space and time, also making it easier for when you have guests staying! Just press the rocker switch and down the bed comes, it’s as easy as that!! View our new Chausson motorhomes >

When it comes to luxury we know exactly where to look, Rapido! We have been stocking Rapido motorhomes for 4 years. Rapido’s five areas of expertise are:

  1. A warm atmosphere
  2. Quality Construction
  3. Quality Control
  4. Storage Space
  5. Unrivalled Comfort

View our new Rapido motorhomes >

What more could you require from a motorhome?! “Our Famous Five” motorhomes are some of the best available and if you would like to find out more call Harry, Brinley or Andrew on 01493 809815 or visit our showroom and see them for yourself.