Keeping your motorhome in good condition for the winter

As the colder months set in, it’s vital that you keep your motorhome in good condition.

There are steps you can take to protect your vehicle from external damage during the winter, but to preserve the internal components and electrical systems it’s best to get a habitation check or an annual service.

We examine the most important areas of your motorhome to check over and offer some top tips for prolonging the life of your vehicle.


It is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of your motorhome that you drain any excess water that may be left in the system. Leftover water in minus temperatures can freeze in the pipes and expand, potentially causing cracks, burst pipes and broken heating systems. A good place to start is emptying your waste and water tanks, then opening the dump valves.

Turning on all of the taps, from the kitchen to the bathroom, helps to drain any water left in them and release some air into the system. If you have a removable showerhead, tip the head and nose until all of the excess water is out. It’s also a good idea to check the stop-valve underneath the vehicle and make sure that it’s been opened to drain any water from the pipes.

Before draining your internal heating system, make sure you consult your system handbook. Some modern versions have an automatic valve controlled by a thermostat, which releases water as soon as the temperature drops below a certain level, so it’s always good to keep an eye on it!

Damp and ice

Two of the biggest dangers during the cold months are damp and ice – both of which can cause significant damage to your motorhome. The best way to prevent the latter is to drain excess water, as we mentioned previously, but another crucial method is to keep your vehicle in dry storage.

A motorhome that has had all leftover water removed and is stored in a nice dry garage, as opposed to an open driveway, has a much better chance against both damp and ice build-up. Occasionally setting up small dehumidifiers within the vehicle can help remove moisture from the air, drastically reducing the chance of damp gaining a foothold in your bathroom or living space.

General maintenance

There are plenty of precautions that motorhome owners can take to avoid any damage whilst storing their vehicle. Giving the external bodywork some extra defences by applying protector fluid, pumping some extra air into the tyres and covering the house trailer with a breathable cover can all help to keep your motorhome in fine condition.

Taking your motorhome out of storage for an occasional drive if you’re able to can also make a huge impact on its health – it lessens the chance of the mechanics seizing up, airs it out and charges up the battery.

Servicing and repairs

For a truly comprehensive understanding of what your vehicle needs, bringing it in to a workshop for a habitation service is essential. An annual preventative examination can make all the difference to ensuring the longevity of a motorhome, and is the only way of identifying and resolving issues with the electrical circuitry, gas boiler and mechanical parts.
Simpsons can provide an extensive service that covers all of these aspects, as well as damp proof testing and making any necessary repairs to ensure that your motorhome is happy and healthy throughout it’s time in storage!

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