How to get your motorhome ready for summer

How to get your motorhome ready for summer

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Readying your motorhome for the new season may take some prior planning to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition.

From maintenance hacks to checking that your insurance is up to date, we’ve prepared some pointers to help get ready to hit the road this summer.

Check the gas and water systems

One of the most important aspects of ensuring that your motorhome is roadworthy is to thoroughly examine and clean the gas installation. Before testing any of the gas appliances, it’s vital to check that the hoses have not split and that all of your connections are tight.

Once you are sure that it’s safe to do so, light up your appliances and make sure that the flame is blue – if it’s orange, that’s an indication that excess air is entering the system. The safest thing to do is get a gas fitter to inspect it.

When surveying the water systems, make sure that all of the installations are secure to prevent a leak in one of the pipes. To do this essential step you’ll need to turn on the water pump to pressurise the system – you’re hoping to see the pump switch off automatically and stay that way. If it turns back on again, even briefly, search your motorhome for a leak.

Spring clean the interior

Be sure to give your living areas a once over so that you can travel in comfort. After winter storage, mould can spring up in a variety of places. Always make sure that you check the cupboards, the upholstery and under mattresses for damp patches.

It’s worth putting any curtains still hanging up through the wash, and giving all of the surfaces a wipe. If there’s a carpet in your van, give it a deep clean to remove any bacteria or mould patches. Also remember to clean your cassette toilet, check your showerhead for mould and test the electric flush if you have one.
Replace the batteries

This is a very important step, as you don’t want to head out on a family holiday without a functioning leisure battery. Test all of the electronics in your vehicle, and replace any batteries that won’t hold a charge.
Getting a solar panel fitted might be worthwhile, especially if you’re planning any long trips, as you’ll have to hook up your motorhome to a 220V charger at least once a fortnight. Your control panel will show you the battery levels, as well as the status of the grey and black water tanks.

How to get your motorhome ready for summer

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Inspect the tyres and bodywork

The last thing you need on your trip is a tyre blowout, so it’s crucial to do a thorough investigation of your tyres and exterior. Firstly, you’ll want to get a good look at the rubber and make sure there aren’t any cracks or trapped stones. Older tyres are susceptible to rupturing, so changing them regularly is a sound strategy.

It’s not just the tyres that can suffer during storage – double check your windscreen wipers, chassis, oil and lights to make sure that everything is in working order. It’s much better to discover a problem before you take your motorhome out for a spin than whilst you’re out on the road.

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