European motorhome holidays: 5 countries to visit for a memorable road trip

european motorhome holiday

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As the new year is well underway and we’re seeing more Covid-19 restrictions relax; motorhome owners can begin to look further afield for their next big adventure.

Europe promises an array of breath-taking scenery and unforgettable sights to the motorhome traveller willing to take the time to discover them. Whether you’re going wild camping in the Norwegian mountains or exploring the historic cities in Italy, there’s so much to take in and experience.

To help you chart a course for your trip, we run through some of the top spots for motorhome owners to visit.

1) Norway

The fjords of northern Europe are an iconic sight and even more majestic when travelling along a road carved into the mountain pass. Whilst most holidaymakers may head straight to Oslo and other built-up areas, there are hidden treasures within the countryside that are mainly accessible via vehicle.

Hardangerfjord is the second-longest fjord in Norway, renowned for bursting into life with colour during spring. It’s a fantastic place to begin a road trip and take in everything that the Norwegian countryside has to offer – the lofty heights of the Vøringsfossen waterfall is within hiking distance, as well as the Hardanger Folk Museum.

There are several legal wild camping spots scattered across the country where you can pitch your vehicle and gaze at the stars and search for the famous Northern Lights in the night sky.

2) France

A classic destination for any getaway, France is also a strong contender for the best country in Europe to experience by motorhome. The birthplace of world-renowned cuisine and culture, tourist attractions galore and lush countryside, France has plenty to offer for all visitors – especially if you’re taking the motorhome – for an unmatched glamping experience.

If you’re thinking of ticking off the major cities one at a time, you can find many campsites within easy access to the built-up areas. Camping Indigo Strasbourg, located in the Green Mountain national park is just 3km away from the city centre.

Soak in the historic atmosphere and unique architecture that makes Strasbourg one of Europe’s great cities, then head off to the next destination on your checklist. Bringing your motorhome to France gives you a sense of freedom that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

3) Switzerland

For adventurous motorhome owners seeking the best views on the continent, Switzerland is a prime destination. You’ll have no problems drafting an itinerary or finding scenic places to park your vehicle, as there are well-maintained Alpine roads that wind through the mountains – connecting the cities and locales of this beautiful country.

The Klausen Pass is a tranquil, meandering route taken by travellers seeking out the natural beauty and quiet roads. Mainly used by locals, this road trip route passes through dense forests and striking rock formations, and the view from the summit is truly spectacular. For those looking for a little more culture, Switzerland is bordered by four countries and has been influenced by all of them – the cities of Zurich, Geneva and Bern standing as a testament to the country’s multi-faceted heritage.

european motorhome holiday

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4) Ireland

A little closer to home but no less exciting is the promise of a road trip across The Emerald Isle. Ireland has long been famous for its rolling green hills and picturesque coastal villages, and there are plenty of campsites to choose from.

County Kerry hosts a number of great spots to pitch your motorhome – Mannix Point boast a wonderful location amongst the mountains of the Iveragh Peninsula, and West Crave Caravan Park is a favourite amongst countryside campers. If you’re going to be stopping by the capital city Dublin, Camac Valley is situated just outside in the Corkagh Park Estate – fishing lakes, country hikes and natural wildlife are all present in this vibrant base camp.

5) Italy

Last but certainly not least on our list of fantastic European holiday destinations, Italy is perhaps the first that will spring to mind for many motorhome enthusiasts. World-famous for their fashion, cuisine, artistic heritage and much more; there’s plenty to see here, and a motorhome offers the freedom and flexibility to experience as much as possible.

The toll roads can be a little bit more expensive than some countries, but with some careful planning, you can still see everything that’s on your bucket list. The big names like Rome and Tuscany have so much to offer, such as tours of the Vatican and wine tasting in the rugged hills. There are also plenty of hidden gems to discover – the Dolomite mountains are perfect for a summer or winter excursion.

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european motorhome holiday

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