5 reasons to go on a motorhome staycation

motorhome staycation uk

Wanting to venture on holiday this year, but worried about Covid-19 restrictions?

The pandemic has left many of us feeling uncertain about travelling out of the country due to fears of keeping safe and the lack of security with flights and bookings. As the weather gets warmer and restrictions have lifted, here are five benefits of having a motorhome and venturing around the UK instead of going abroad this summer.

1. You’re saving money

The worst part about saving for your holiday? Half your money ends up financing travel costs before your vacation has even begun. Enjoying a holiday in a motorhome not only means reduced travel expenses, but you’re able to cook your own food, saving money on eating out, too.

Campsites are also an affordable way to extend your holiday without breaking the bank, and wild camping means you can explore some UK hotspots for free. A motorhome is a great investment, allowing you to enjoy countless holidays for many years to come and getting your money’s worth.

motorhome staycation uk

2. The freedom to travel

A major drawback of travelling abroad for your summer holiday is you’re often restricted to experiencing the area surrounding your accommodation. Motorhomes provide the freedom and flexibility to explore more areas and travel between different locations more easily.

The North Yorkshire moors and Cornwall are particularly popular amongst the motorhome community, or, if you fancy travelling a little further afield, the Isle of Wight is a stunning landscape for your staycation.

Whilst wild camping is encouraged throughout the Lake Districts and Dartmoor, it’s worth noting that in most other locations you’ll need permission from the landowner if you’re settling outside the parameters of a caravan or camping site. Motorhome etiquette requires you to leave no trace behind and respect the surrounding environment.

3. There’s no need to plan ahead

Motorhome staycations mean you have the freedom to move locations whenever you want and can change your plans to suit your needs. There’s no need for the dreaded suitcase packing at the end of the week – you’re good to go whenever, which is particularly beneficial if you’re concerned over booking cancellations as Covid-19 restrictions continue to change.
For those of you who don’t like to plan too far ahead, then this is perfect for you. Take every day as it comes and enjoy some well-deserved, schedule-free time off.

4. Disconnect from your busy lifestyle

Taking time out from the stresses of everyday life is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing. Turning your phone off, disconnecting from your hectic schedule and having a change of scenery could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Spend quality time with family and friends (canines included) in stunning locations right on your doorstep.
Motorhome staycations offer the best luxury of all – peace and serenity. Switch off, breath in the fresh air and enjoy some of the UK’s stunning landscapes.

motorhome staycation uk

5. You’re keeping safe during the pandemic

While restrictions and measures regarding holidays abroad remain unclear now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted, staycations are the perfect alternative to make the most out of your summer without the worry and uncertainty.
Motorhomes provide the ideal secluded and self-contained getaway to practice social distancing, and enjoy your holiday safely during Covid-19. Most campsites have Covid-safe restrictions in place such as limited capacity and socially distanced pitches. There will also be rules around using the facilities and some places have contactless check-in services to make sure you stay is as safe as possible.

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