5 of the Best Motorhome Accessories

Outfitting your motorhome with essential accessories can make all the difference to your holiday. Whether you want to relax inside on a rainy day watching satellite TV, host a summer BBQ at the campsite or attach a bike rack for activities, there are plenty of options to augment your motorhome.

We take a look at five of the best options to accessorise your interior and exterior:

Couple In Van Enjoying Barbeque On Camping Holiday

1) Solar Panels

If you’re heading off to an isolated mountainside for some peace and quiet, fitting a solar panel to your vehicle ensures that you’ll be well equipped without the expense of an electric hook-up. Solar panels offer you freedom to travel to remote areas, whilst still absorbing energy that provides electricity and hot water.

There are two main types of solar panel on the market, thin film and crystalline. Thin film solar panels typically last around 10 years, and are the cheaper option when it comes to powering motorhomes. Crystalline panels last for 20 years on average, and are more efficient at producing power. Both types work very well at keeping up the power in your motorhome, even in the temperamental British weather.

2) Bike Racks

Motorhome RV and campervan are parked on a beach. Family on vacation is sitting outsides on camping chairs and table having dinner, with amazing view of the beach and ocean. Atlantic beach – Spain.

There’s nothing better than strapping on your helmet, wheeling out your bike and heading out on a cycling adventure with friends and family. By attaching a bike rack to your motorhome, you can go for ad-hoc bike rides whenever the mood takes you. Whether you’re camped out in a picturesque forest, or travelling along the coast, going cycling is great exercise and good fun.

There are plenty of options for storing bikes – and you may be able to fit some inside the vehicle itself. However, the safest and most effective method for storing multiple bicycles is by fitting a bike rack. The type that best suits you will not only depend on the kind of bike you own, but on the size and shape of your motorhome or campervan.

3) Awnings

Travel Trailer Caravaning. RV Park Camping at Night.

How often have you parked up, unpacked the fold-up chairs, got the barbecue sizzling and then suddenly, you feel the raindrops falling. By attaching an awning to your campervan or motorhome, not only will you be protected from the elements, you can increase the amount of space available.

Depending where you’re staying and for how long, you may wish to opt for an inflatable awning to go alongside your motorhome. These are very simple to store and set up, and can provide a bit of extra space on a rainy day. If you’re simply after some shade from the sun, then roll-out awnings may be the best option. These are fixed to the side of your motorhome, and are very easy to assemble.

4) Satellite TV

Setting up satellite television in your motorhome is an excellent option when journeying to areas where terrestrial signal is patchy. If you’re taking your vehicle for a holiday abroad, then satellite TV may well be your only option. Satellite dishes can pick up hundreds of channels and radio stations, so heading off on a relaxing getaway doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on any of your favourite shows.

5) Security Features

One of the shrewdest investments a motorhome owner can make is an effective security system. There are a number of methods to make your vehicle more secure, one of which are trackers in the event of theft. Installing an alarm is also a fantastic preventative measure for keeping thieves away from your motorhome and any valuables stored within.

Many owners are also now investing in security cameras for extra peace of mind. Combining these high-tech devices with more traditional tools such as door locks, clutch claws and wheel clamps will help to prevent the worst from happening to your pride and joy.

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