5 benefits of getting your motorhome regularly serviced

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There’s no worse feeling than wheeling out your motorhome to discover a serious problem that could delay or inconvenience your holiday.

To keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, regular servicing by professionals is essential. Whilst you can carry out a number of general maintenance tasks, complex electrical and safety procedures need to be handled by expert engineers.

To help you know what to look out for, we run through 5 reasons why its beneficial to bring your motorhome in for maintenance frequently.

Safety inspections

The most important aspect of any service is checking that your vehicle is safe and prepared for long-distance travel. Several parts of the motorhome will be examined and tested by the engineer, including the smoke detectors, headlights and bearings.

Wear and tear can have a big impact on all areas of your vehicle, and a problem may not always be immediately apparent. An engineer can ensure that there are no cracks or distortions within your A-frame or chassis.

Electrical connections

Your motorhome’s electrics keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. As your vehicle is mobile, often travelling great distances in-between inspections, there is far more risk of something going wrong than your home’s electrics. Keeping them in good condition and maintained by professionals is vital.

Checks of the electrical system may vary depending on the type of motorhome. Your connection cables and brake wiring must be examined for damage, as well as any loose connections between the wires. Each aspect of your vehicle’s mains system needs to be properly inspected, including your water and space heater, fridge, your cooker and hob.

Technicians can ensure that your battery and charger are well-kept by cleaning and lubricating the terminals. All your 12V lights throughout your vehicle will be assessed during a service, with repairs and replacements being made where necessary.

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Vital fluids and water

There are several essential fluids that your motorhome needs such as brake oil, water, transmission fluid and engine coolant. You can handle the topping up of these fluids yourself (although the levels will be checked during a service) but the draining and maintenance of the fluid systems is a matter best left to the technicians.

The regular up-keep of your coolant system, for example, is an excellent way of avoiding major issues. During a service, qualified engineers can fix any cracks or leaks in your tanks, check the quality of your seals on the coolant pump and discover any rust in your water. By keeping your system well maintained, corrosion and other problems can be kept at bay.


For the most part, the preservation and replacement of tyres can be done yourself, given you have the know-how and correct tools for the job. Nevertheless, bringing your motorhome in for an MOT or service can help to identify potentially problematic areas. Technicians can tighten up your wheel nuts and check their alignment, as well as ensuring the tyre pressure and balance are up to standard.


One thing that should not be attempted at home are repairs to your vehicle. You may end up invalidating any warranties on your motorhome if you attempt home repairs. It’s always a good idea to leave these complex matters in the hands of trained professionals.

Having an annual service to see if any internal or external repairs are required is highly advised. Simpsons have a workshop approved by the NCC and AWS scheme, with qualified technicians and support staff who can undertake any repairs or remedial work required.

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