Selling your Motorhome

Let Simpsons’ buyers take a look at your motorhome and see what we can offer. Simpsons are continually on the look out for first-class, well maintained, pre-owned motorhomes for cash or as a part-exchange trade-in when purchasing an upgrade motorhome.

Do you need cash for your used motorhome?

If you wish to trade in a motorhome to Simpsons, we will be happy to make you a ‘cash offer’ if you have no intention of upgrading.

Similarly if, due to exceptional circumstances, you cannot continue to enjoy the pleasures a motorhome has given you, we would be happy to offer you a ‘cash trade in’ valuation.

Our buyers are constantly looking for good quality vehicles and we do offer cash to bona fidé sellers.

Selling your motorhome? Let Simpsons’ buyers take a look.

We do offer exceptional part-exchange trade-in deals to customers planning to upgrade in size, or secure a newer vehicle.

Similarly, we are always interested in any part-exchange when a customer is ordering a NEW motorhome.

Always talk to Simpsons’ valuers first: we have a reputation for offering the best part-exchange deals in East Anglia.