Motorhome Warranties

With nearly 50 years’ continuous supply and support to motor caravanners, you can be assured our warranties offer peace of mind to every customer and are respected across the motor home industry.

Simpsons Motorhomes operate a two-tier warranty package for motorhome owners, covering new and pre-owned vehicles.

New Motorhomes Warranty & Extended Warranty


Each new motorhome supplied by Simpsons comes complete with a manufacturer’s/converter’s own full vehicle warranty.

Our Sales Advisors will provide you with full warranty specifications, including:

  • Engine and gearbox
  • Parts
  • Bodywork conversion
  • Mileage

In addition, you will be advised that individual manufacturers/converters clearly state their own warranty terms in a policy document on their website: there is no guarantee that any two converters will be offering the same warranty agreement.

Extended Warranty

Warranty packages as defined by manufacturers/converters on new vehicles may be extended, if required.

In effect, if a converter offers a 24 months’ warranty on a new vehicle, it may be extended to cover a total of 36 or 48 months – subject to the terms and conditions detailed in their policy document.


Ask our sales advisors for further information and they will provide all the policy terms on a new motorhome extended warranty.

Pre-owned Motorhomes Warranty & Extended Warranty

Every pre-owned motorhome sold by Simpsons Motor Group has firstly been put through a 72 point vehicle check by our trained technicians.

Worn components will be replaced and the vehicle will undergo a full inspection and road test before it is displayed on our forecourt. In consequence, motor home enthusiasts are assured their investment represents exceptional value-for-money.

All pre-owned motor homes sold by Simpsons come with a 6 months’ Simpsons Motorhome warranty.

Motorhomes that are up to 7 years old from the date of registration will have M B & G Gold cover.

Motorhomes over 7 years old from date of registration will have 6 months/6,000 miles Simpsons Motorhomes warranty cover.

Gold Parts Included

All electrical and mechanical components of the Motorhome fitted as parts of the Manufacturer’s original specification and including water ingress and delamination (water ingress and delamination expires when the motor home is 10 years old).

Also included are: Oil Seals, Working Materials, Casings

If the part is no longer available, it will be the dealers responsibility for the cost of the original failure only and not the cost of a replacement unit.

Ask for full details and a copy of our extended warranty booklet from the sales staff.