Motorhome Insurance

Thatcham Approved Security Systems

The insurance companies we recommend (See Below) will ask about the security features on your motorhome. All our motorhomes have Factory fitted Immobilisers. These are fitted as standard by the chassis manufacturer, e.g Fiat, Ford, Peugeot etc.

Some Motorhome Manufacturers fit Trackers as standard e.g Autotrail (My Autotrail) and Autosleeper (AS Monitor). Other Manufacturers do not fit Trackers, these include, Burstner, Chausson, Elddis, McLouis Fusion and Rapido. If you are purchasing one of these we can fit a tracker or an alarm for you. Please click on the links below to view the products.

PLEASE NOTE: For Used motorhomes, check with your salesman what security system/systems have been fitted to the motorhome you are purchasing, if any.

Click the links below to view the Thatcham Approved Security Systems we fit. We are an agent for a company called Moving Intelligence who specialise in Trackers and Alarms

Moving Intelligence Thatcham Approved Trackers

Moving Intelligence Vanguard Alarm

Motorhome Insurance

We recommend four Insurance Companies who specialise in Motorhome Insurance; Caravanguard, Safeguard, Adrian Flux and Motorhomes Direct.

Click on the links below to view their Websites and get your best quote.

CaravanGuard Insurance Website

Safeguard Insurance Website

Motorhomes Direct Insurance Website

Adrian Flux Insurance Website