Road Fund Tax increase for Motorhomes with new generation engines


Did you know from the 1st September 2019 the Government has changed the way Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Fund Licence) is levied on 2020 model Motorhomes. The initial registration cost will rise from £265 to £2135 on Motorhomes fitted with the New euro 6 D/2 engines. Then from years 2 to 6 the road fund licence will be £465.

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Below is a more detailed explanation of these changes from the NCC (National Caravan Council). We are also happy to explain the changes to you, just call 01493 601696 (press option 4) and ask for Brinley Andrew or Mert, we shall be happy to help.

NCC (National Caravan Council) Official Notice


As a result of the ‘dieselgate’ scandal a new emissions test procedure (WLTP) has come into effect. From 1 September, if the motorhome has a new compliant engine, the CO2 emission figure must be entered onto the final approval certificate. The motorhome is then automatically registered by DVLA and the rate of duty payable will move to the higher car duty based on the CO2 figure.

Will all new motorhomes first registered from the 1st September 2019 be taxed as cars?
No –only those motorhomes that have the new engines (Euro 6 d/2) installed and which are compliant with the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) which comes into force on that date.

Will the higher duty increase apply to campervans?
Yes, if a Euro 6d/2 specification engine is installed.

Will the higher duty apply to large motorhomes in excess of 3,500 kgs?
Yes, if a Euro 6d/2 specification engine is installed.

How do I know if my new motorhome has a Euro 6 d/2 engine?
Your dealership will be able to explain. Initially, most new motorhomes will still carry the Euro 6 b/1 engine which is not affected by the new rules and will be taxed at the current rate.

If my new motorhome is one of those with a new, cleaner engine what rate of tax will I have to pay?
From 1 September 2019, a motorhome with a Euro 6 d/2 Engine, will see the rate of road fund tax payable at first registration increase from £265 up to £2,135 for the first year only. In years 2-6 the rate will move down to £465 per year.

This seems unfair, so what is the motorhome industry doing about this?
The industry has been actively lobbying HM Treasury on this for some time but Government is standing firm.

What can I do about it?
Sign the Parliament Petition at

If I have any other questions about motorhome road tax who should I speak to?
Contact your local dealership or, if you are a member of either the Caravan and Motorhome Club or The Camping and Caravanning Club, they should be able to assist.