Motorhome Buyers FAQs

Our FAQ’s will help you form an idea on your motorhome requirements. It hopefully covers most questions you have before you purchase your motorhome, but don’t forget we’re hear to help if you can’t find the answers.


1. Do you want standing headroom?

Remember to check the headroom area, especially if you have any tall person travelling with you. Alternatively, an outside awning might offer a simple solution.

2. How many berths will you need?

  • Must your choice of design accommodate a family?
  • Will the children be excited – and happy – in an overcab area?
  • Do you need a permanently made-up bedroom area?

3. Do you intend using the motorhome all year round?

You must carefully consider:

  • Heating systems for colder climates
  • Air conditioning for hot summers
  • LPG gas cylinder requirements
  • Insulation levels
  • Do waste/fresh water tanks have frost protection?

4. How many passenger travel seats do you need?

Will you, again, be carrying children or adults beyond the cab area?
Ensure seats in the living area have purpose-built seatbelts.

5. What cooking facilities will you require?

  • Is the fridge big enough?
  • How many hob rings are required?
  • Are you cooking on gas?

6. What will fuel consumption levels be?

Most motorhome designs today are built around Turbo-Diesel engines.

Check out the specifications given by a manufacturer and also see if the motorhome press have undertaken a recent road test.

7. What will insurance costs reach?

Be sure to visit our Motorhome Insurance section.

You will find details of all the specialist motorhome insurance companies who will be able to provide you with a competitive quotation and value-for-money insurance package.

8. What ‘warranties’ are offered on vehicles?

Carefully check the small print.

Read our handy frequently asked questions guide to buying your motorhome. Simpsons motorhome experts will advise you about all manufacturers’ warranties, and we can even arrange ‘Extended warranties’ if you felt it was necessary to provide you with total ‘peace of mind’.

The base vehicle is likely to have a separate warranty from the one issued by the motor caravan manufacturer.

Simpsons offer warranties on every pre-owned and new vehicle sold to a customer, subject to the vehicle’s age and specification.

Warranties will be governed by ‘Servicing Agreements’ and it would be wise to let Simpsons’ experts talk you through all these guidelines.

Additional Considerations

Narrowing your choice down to a shortlist of three models would be very helpful.

Become more objective when considering budgets, price and after-sales servicing.

Older dealer demonstrator models will offer substantial savings.

With any ‘used’ model it is important you check the vehicle’s service history. In addition, be sure you are buying from a reputable dealer like Simpsons.

Our track record of 50 years’ service to the motorhome industry speaks volumes: customers know they will get a ‘good deal’ at Simpsons and the after-sales support that is essential for trouble-free motor caravanning.

The choice is yours: be careful if you do go down the route of buying privately. There are numerous pitfalls you could easily fall into, not least forgetting to undertake a full mechanical vehicle check.

Take your time when choosing a new or pre-owned motorhome – it’s essential.

You will never be rushed into a decision at Simpsons, but you are assured of a first-class service both before you buy and after you have purchased your vehicle.

If you are still not sure, then take advice from any of our helpful staff. Their guidance, input and not inconsiderable knowledge will help qualify so many uncertainties.

Remember…the more research you undertake by making full use of our advice and website, the better you will feel about planning your investment.

Motorhomes offer you the choice to travel, explore and be independent.

Flexibility, freedom and fun.

Three words which aptly describe the adventure you will have with your exciting new investment.

Don’t go with the flow and be caught up on crowded beaches; delays at airport terminals and travelling with complete strangers.

Go with your better judgement.

Go travelling in a motorhome from Simpsons